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Maxxiline Disposable Gas Bottles Italy
maxxiline disposable helium tanks


MaxxiLine Helium disposable gas cylinders lets you inflate balloons for birthday parties and other celebrations.

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maxxiline disposable co2 bottles

Co2 - Co2 E290 Food Grade

MaxxiLine CO2 E290 disposable gas bottles are commonly used for carbonating fizzy beverages such as soda, mineral water, and beer.

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maxxiline disposable argon bottles

Argon Ar-Co2 Argon E938 Food Grade

A New larger capacity disposable welding cylinders for the DIY and occasional user. Available for use with MIG and TIG welders.

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maxxiline disposable nitrogen bottles

Nitrogen H2-N2 Nitrogen E941 Food Grade

MaxxiLine Nitrogen disposable gas bottles are suitable to be used in the HVAC&R systems to create a dry environment

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maxxiline nitrogen purge kit

Nitrogen Purging Kit

MaxxiLine Nitrogen Purge Kit all tools needed to pressure check the HVAC and Refrigeration lines.

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maxxiline gas bottle regulator

Gas Regulator 0-5 Bar 0-45 Bar

MaxxiLine Dual Gauge Gas Bottle Regulator are designed to connect Argon, Co2, Argon/Co2, Argon/O2, Nitrogen disposable gas cylinders.

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Certified Quality Products UNI EN 12205 TPED

MaxxiLine products are completely studied, designed and Made In Italy. MaxxiLine products meets or exceeds industry regulations for quality and safety. Maxxiline products are in use in a wide variety of industries in most countries of the world. Our company is committed to offering optimum quality/price ratio and is constantly striving to achieve customer satisfaction.

MaxxiLine cylinders are designed, individually manufactured, certified and tested in according to in total conformity with requirements of the UNI EN 12205 TPED as per Trasportable Pressure Equipment Directive 2010/35/EU.

Our Team

MaxxiLine's Manufacturing Team has been dealing in the field of gas cylinders, fire exstinguisher tanks and trolley-tanks manufacturing for more than 50 years. Its Partners are recognized as industry pioneers since 1965, who have played a role in the birth and growth of this industry in Italy.

We are currently expanding and we always looking for Distributing Partners in all over Europe, South America, Russia, Ukraina and in the Arabian Gulf Region. If you want to become a Distributor or a referral partner and have any questions regarding the requirements and procedures please contact us to initiate the discussion. We offer interesting possibilities, no matter whether you are an Installer, a Professional Distributing company or a Free Salesman.

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maxxiline disposable bottles

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